Southampton Sampler VOL.I ‘Behind the Artist’ Series – Kitty O’Neal

We spoke with Kitty O’Neal about her latest EP, inspiration and the challenges she faced as an artist.

Singer-songwriter,Kitty O’Neal, is well known for poignant lyrics and captivating live performances, along her talented band.

We’re very excited to have her track “OK”, extracted from the album with the same name, as part of our Sampler’VOL. I eclectic mix. Kitty will be performing songs from her latest EP at the launching event of the Southampton Sampler VOL.I  on  1st of February at the Joiners (doors at 19:30).  Make sure you’re  there to see her perform and grab a copy of the vinyl for only £15.

In what kind of genre/s of music would you include your latest EP “A Home”?
I consider my latest song writing to be under the alternative pop/folk genre, with influences such as Lucy Rose, Joni Mitchell, HAIM and James Blake.

What inspires you the most to make music? 
My band and I are inspired by the reaction we get playing our tunes live to an enthusiastic audience. The writing inspiration comes from travel, love, nostalgia…

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
The biggest challenge I’ve faced as an artist is accepting that this is my passion and there’s nothing else that really satisfies me. Accepting that a large portion of my future and happiness depends on the music I write is quite overwhelming!

What’s your ultimate direction for your music?
The direction of my music is constantly evolving…I’m midway through writing my first album and it’s an interesting blend of a lot of previous ‘styles’ that I’ve written in. The direction for us as a band at the moment is more writing, touring, festivals and recording! We’re going on tour in July and will see where life takes us afterwards…

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
I feel like the internet is a blessing to the creative arts at the same time as being potentially damaging. I think that the internet enables a whole load of cool stuff that wasn’t available for musicians before now, but because of this there are a lot more artists releasing music online and I think it is harder in some ways today for musicians to get themselves heard.

What new music you like?
Right now, I’m listening to The Staves new record ‘The Way Is Read’. It’s interesting to me because I’ve followed this band since the beginning of their journey and the way their writing has developed is incredible and so unique. They recorded this with a chamber ensemble ‘yMusic’ and I’d highly recommend a listen.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
My two EPS  ‘A Home’ and ‘OK’ are available to listen and purchase on Spotify and BandCamp.

Follow Kitty O’Neal on Facebook and check her website for more info and gig dates.

You can pre-order the SOUTHAMPTON SAMPLER VOL .I and get it by 1st of February form here.

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