Hightown Studios provides a comfortable and professional recording environment, with all the tools and skills to bring out the best in your project.

  'Hightown Music Studios' works in conjunction with SoCo Music Project, a non-profit organisation, passionate about making a difference by providing creative opportunities for people of all ages.The studio itself was the funded out of People's Millions Lottery Fund , after winning the public's vote against other competing projects . The main focus of Hightown Music Studios is to run as a professional grade music facility but is complemented by the work we do with the local community of young people and disadvantaged groups. We work with a wide cross section of the community and are always open to new projects so if you have something in mind don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Services


Hightown Music Studios features a large professionally designed acoustic live room and two fully soundproofed booths- one perfect for vocals and guitars and one particularly dedicated for drums. Our control room has a great viewing area with line of site to the live room and booths and is well kitted out with both DIGITAL and ANALOGUE recording options. Our experienced producers, Tall Trow and Ben Startup, are dedicated in creating distinctive and tailored productions to bring the best of the artists’ work. We offer great deals at a very competitive and affordable pricing structure. For further details and bookings contact jon@hightownstudios.org.uk. We would love to hear from you!

‘The Balcony Sessions’ is an affordable professional video service offered by Hightown Music Studios, which is designed to showcase a wide range of local music, and help our artists to get their music out there by having a professional online presence.

Our ‘Balcony Sessions’ promotional voucher includes up to four or five videos per band or individual artist and a portfolio with professional photos taken in the Hightown Studios of the band /artist (s). There’s no absolute set format for a balcony session. We are keen to tailor our services to artist and explore any of their creative ideas they might have. Our starting point for a balcony session would be a single high-definition camera, fixed or roaming, combined with 32bit floating point, 48/96 KHz two channel studio quality mics and audio system. More complex arrangements would include multi-cam setups with up to 24 channels of digital audio utilising studio quality microphones.  We also offer a number of lighting solutions. More recently we have been working on videos looking at harnessing high speed video technology, 3D cameras, interactive solutions, slow motion, time lapse and the use of jibs, dolly’s, zip wires are any other contraption we can lay our hands on.

Balcony sessions is a service that can be added on top of your recording session deals or alternatively they can be individually booked starting from only 80 £.If you would like to find out more about our ‘Balcony Sessions’ services get in touch with us at jon@hightownstudios.org.uk or send us a message on our social media.


Hightown is an exciting and lively studio, which is camouflaged and tucked away in unlikely surroundings. With a warm and unique sound, Hightown is stocked with beautiful equipment and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a top recording experience.

Franklin and James

Artists and musicians
We did some voiceover recording at the studios in Thornhill and we just wanted to say how impressed we were with the facilities there and the staff that work for you.  Louis was really helpful and helped us get exactly what we needed.

Kate Maple

Global Documentary
I was really impressed with the team spirit and dedication from all the people at Hightown Music Studios. I had an incredible time recording here last year with my band, will definitely be coming back for our next project !

Xan Philips


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or pop in and see us - Tunstall Road, Thornhill, SO19 6RD, Southampton